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COVID-19 Vaccine
There are currently no plans in place to offer this vaccine on-site or within the District.
NEWS from the Winnebago County Health Department Department
The WCHD is now offering the option to individuals in our community the opportunity to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine
(Employees who live out-of-state can also sign up to receive the vaccine)
To register for the COVID-19 Vaccine, click either one of the links below:

- Direct link to online form:
Through the Winnebago County Health Department website:

Harlem Wellness Portal

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At Harlem School District, staff wellness is an important component of our school environment. We encourage you to strive towards a healthier you.

We offer a Wellness Program as a feature of our health care plan. The Wellness Program provides annual biometric screening for covered individuals by medical professionals, creates wellness activities and education opportunities for individuals, requires covered individuals to participate in wellness activities to the extent required by the Wellness Program, and creates incentives for encouraging behaviors that are consistent with good health and wellness.

Wellness Updates

As a result of the unprecedented events this year, deadlines for the current 2019-2020 Wellness Year have been adjusted. Click here to view the details

Step 1 Information & Forms

The Wellness Plan Design includes completion of an annual biometric screening and health assessment that is required to be completed by June 30th of each year. Members will have on-site options for biometric screenings offered by the Harlem Wellness Program. Members will complete a health assessment on the BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois "Well on Target" website.

Wellness Design details for Step 1 can be found by logging into your Wellness Portal
Click here for Step 1 forms

Step 2 Information & Forms

The Wellness Plan Design includes completion of age appropriate preventive screenings, attending wellness seminars, and participating in disease management programs. Three (3) "Wellness Points" are required by November 30th of the current year in order to successfully complete Step 2 and waive the premium surcharge.

A link to the Step 2 form and Wellness Design details can be found by logging into your Wellness Portal.
Click her for Step 2 forms

Step 3 Information & Forms

Members who successfully complete Steps 1 and 2 of the Wellness Plan Design will have an opportunity to earn an incentive(s) in Step 3. Members can opt to earn a Personal Wellness Day and/or $100 by meeting the requirement in Step 3.

Details regarding the Wellness Design for Step 3 can be found by logging into your Wellness Portal.
Click here to print your Step 3 Activity Tracking Forms

Disclaimer : Steps 1 and 2 require completion in order to waive the premium surcharge and receive incentive(s).

Miscellaneous Wellness Documents

We've tried to think of everything that can help you navigate and successfully complete the Wellness Program requirements.
Click on the link below to explore the details within the documents.

Click here for Miscellaneous Wellness Documents

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