Employee of the Quarter

Dena Lamping

Dena has been supporting the Maple Elementary School office and is going above and beyond to support Laura during the absence of the principal's secretary position.

  • Jason Blume

Leslie Chandler

Leslie has willingly offered to support the Transportation Department by volunteering to assist with bus duty on a regular basis. She has been a huge support for their department in times of need.

  • Jason Blume

Maria Buonthong

This is Maria's first time working with creating the master schedule, coordinating the SAT, and the AP. Maria has been proactive at seeking the assistance needed to understand the system, and she has worked diligently to navigate through difficult procedures with great success.

  • Jacob Hubert

Nikole Johnsen

Nikole is a teacher-leader. She has spearheaded our re-introduction of the Sunshine Committee, making huge efforts to increase morale in the building and to provide an avenue through which administrators and teachers can support each other. She often and effectively advocates for staff and students as well.

  • Jeremy Bois

Jammie Bridges

Jammie is always willing to help everyone out and always does it with a smile. Jammie brings positive energy to the Nutrition Services Department and all that she does. She greets the kids with a big warm smile and they love talking to her. Jammie puts the fun into work! She is an awesome team player and we are so lucky to have her!

  • Jill Mosher

Phill Floro

He is willing to do whatever is needed for a student or to help a staff member. He helps with IAR make-ups for the entire school every year. This is greatly appreciated by administration and the other Machesney Elementary teachers!

  • Abigail Edwards

Laura Marner

Laurie has gone above and beyond to run the office at Maple. She has taken over multiple responsibilities and we are so grateful for her!!!

  • Jason Blume

Kelly Duncan

Kelly Duncan is a CF at Maple and such a blessing. She works so so hard and does everything will a big smile on her face. There is nothing she won' t do to help the students and teachers and everyone loves her as a result. Her work ethic is so outstanding. She even signed up to be on the Crisis team and is outstanding in this role as well. She is able to get students to calm down and is so patient and kind with them when they are in crisis. . When I hired her several years ago I knew I had found a winner but she has exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you Kelly for being the amazing person you are and a true blessing to Maple.

  • Tammy Poole

Jodi Graber

Jodi is our Early Childhood Special Education Teacher at Parker Center. She has worked diligently to service a large number of early childhood kiddos who have an IEP. She works closely with her students to give them the necessary interventions to best prepare them for when they move on to Kindergarten. Jodi works hard to build trusting relationships with students, parents, and staff. I am continuously impressed with her ability to manage many responsibilities and be an advocate for our youngest population!

  • Shannon Rice

Brian Molander

Being short staffed in the Grounds department, Brian has been doing most of the grounds work on his own. Brian has also been flexible when I have assigned him different duties other than grounds work. Recently he has filled in a few times as the Head Custodian at Olson Park due to staffing issues.

  • Mike Chandler

Cindy Pillow

Cindy is involved in many aspects of our building. She consistently goes above and beyond her duties as a GPA. She is a consistent member of our team and takes on a leadership role to ensure that many things get done without the rest of us thinking about it. We appreciate all that she does and value her as a member of our Rock Cut family.

  • Ryan Reinecke

Jennifer Stella

Jen has been our MTSS coordinator for three school years. She goes above and beyond her job expectations. She is a true team player. Jen is a hard worker and wants to do what is best for students as well as support staff as much as possible. There have been changes with our district's MTSS process and Jen does an amazing job keeping Windsor updated and making sure we are doing all we can to maximize the support we have to offer our students. Jen's value to our staff, students and families is immeasurable.

  • Melissa Yuska

Kari Floyd

Kari has been an amazing resource during this challenging year in Human Resources. Whenever asked for anything, Kari steps up immediately and provides any and all information that is requested in a kind and friendly manner. As a seasoned veteran, we are truly blessed to have such a valuable resource in the Harlem School District!

  • Shelly Wagner