Employee of the Quarter

Margot Castillo

"Margot has been working diligently to make sure our students needs are being met while also leading the community outreach for the holidays. She has been instrumental in process of providing holiday food baskets, working with numerous organizations and families to make sure families who celebrate Christmas have gifts under the tree for the children. We have been able to provide over 80 students with personalized holiday gifts this year. Margot does all of this with a smile on her face and a cheerful attitude. She is an amazing role model for students, staff and community members. Thank you Mrs. Castillo!"

  • Lisa Clark

Dr. Laura Juhl

"Dr. Juhl is an amazing educator. She is in her last year of teaching before retiring at the end of this school year, and she continues to put her heart and soul into her students. Last month she organized our first in-person activity night for parents and students in nearly two years. Because of her dedication, parents and students were able to come to our school at night to have fun as a family. In the classroom, Dr. Juhl works with struggling readers to not only increase their reading abilities, but also to instill a love of reading in them. Dr. Juhl is a true gem and the children of Ralston are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher!"

  • Scott Rollinson

Toni Holmes

"Ms. Holmes gives 100% to her students and to Maple School. She goes above and beyond. She leads many of our Maple fundraisers (World's Finest Chocolates) and always comes to meetings with new ideas like the Maple mother/son and daddy /daughter dance. She loves her students. She teaches them the importance of sending thank you cards to people for items no matter how big or small the item is. She buys items for her students to help meet their basic needs. There is nothing she wouldn't do for her students."

  • Tammy Poole

Alexa Bois

"Alexa continues to strive for excellence in her role as a primary Structured Teaching Program teacher. Alexa works diligently to continuously improve the STP program in any way she can. One of her many strengths includes building long lasting relationships with her students, parents, and staff members. Each year, she continues to create an structured environment that promotes success for the students in the district that seek the most structure in their education. We are very lucky to have her on the STP team! "

  • Shannon Rice

Bunny Stockwell

"Bunny creates a positive environment for the staff and visitors at the Harlem Administration Center. She is respectful, kind and compassionate. Bunny is also willing to go above and beyond to support each department. Most importantly, she understands the importance of making a positive impression on the families new to the District. We are lucky to have her be the first person our new families meet when coming to Harlem. Thank you for the impact you make each day! "

  • Jason Blume

Erin Weaver

"Erin works tirelessly to support staff and students. From helping out in the lunchroom, to coaching cycles with new and veteran teachers, to being a CICO mentor for students, to helping with all things related to tech she is always willing to go the extra mile!"

  • Erin Anderson

Ryan Smith

"Ryan has gone above and beyond at the high school for quite some time. With his crew being short staffed and all of the extra duties and events, he has, along with his coworkers, done whatever was needed to keep our high school running as smooth as possible. His efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank you Ryan."

  • Jeff Schoonmaker

Becky Freehauf

"In addition to being an effective teacher, Becky is an overall positive influence at Rock Cut. She is involved with many activities for the kids and often takes on additional duties to help her coworkers. As a building rep she is fair and maintains open lines of communication. She is approachable by all and all issues are handled thoroughly. And through it all she maintains a optimistic attitude. We are grateful to have Becky on our staff!!"

  • Ryan Reinecke