Employees of the Quarter

Joe Bruce - Rock Cut

Joe is our 3rd Grade HoLA teacher and one of our building reps.  Joe is the epitome of consistency.  He has established solid classroom routines that lead to excellent teaching and learning.  In addition to promoting a positive classroom environment, Joe takes an active role in promoting a positive climate among the staff as well.  He has lead PD sessions and takes an active role in all committees and teams he in involved on. We are fortunate to have Joe on our staff.

Nominated by Ryan Reinecke, Principal - Rock Cut

Lexi Kashi - Parker Center

"Lexi has done a wonderful job of jumping into her position mid year. She has been with Parker Center for many years as a CF and through clinical hours and student teaching, and in January she officially became our EC STP teacher. She has shown great confidence in her role and has really embraced her students and classroom. She collaborates well with the other EC teachers and is an advocate for her students. We are so glad to have her on our team!"

Nominated by Erin Anderson, Principal - Parker Center

Elizabeth Warner - Marquette

"Elizabeth is extremely caring and has been an excellent addition to the Marquette staff. She is dependable and just an overall great person!"

Nominated by Brock Morlan, Principal - Marquette

Andy Clark - Maple

"Andy is such an amazing person.  He is our full time substitute at Maple and he has such a positive attitude about everything.  He is so very flexible and always willing to lend a hand wherever he is needed. Each day when he comes in he says where do you need me?  The kids absolutely love him and he is an official rock star to the preschoolers.  They all scream his name when they see him.  He loves to sing and dance with them.  He really is just a big kid having fun at Maple and we are so glad he is at Maple."

Nominated by Tammy Poole, Principal - Maple

Traci Bradford - Ralston

"Traci took on a new role at Ralston this year and it has been a very smooth transition for her.  She does a wonderful job day in and day out to help our students in any way she can.  She recently hosted a literacy night at Ralston and spent many hours of her own time making sure it was a wonderful event for our students and families.  She coordinated it with our art fair and our one school one book program as well as our chicken hatching experience.  Traci is a 20 year veteran of the Harlem School District and is a vital member of our staff.  She is highly respected by her colleagues and is loved by her students!"

Nominated by Scott Rollinson, Principal - Ralston