Employees of the Quarter

Tim Edwards - Harlem Middle School

"Since being short a full time driver, Tim has taken on most of the full time driver responsibilities. He comes in early to help the girls with the deliveries, helps clean up the kitchen before he leaves and is always pleasant to work with. Time has been nothing but a Rock Star since joining our team and we are so lucky to have him!"

  • Jill Mosher

Jerry Harris - Harlem Middle School

"Jerry has been a staple at providing a consistent environment where both staff and students have stability to best serve student learning. He has done an excellent job of handling non-routine situations with dignity and always focusing on what is best for students and staff."

  • Jacob Hubert

Maria Arreguin - Machesney Elementary

"Maria always has a smile on her face! She greets our students and families in a positive way each and every time. Maria thinks outside of the box and is willing to do anything for the students and staff at Machesney Elementary."

  • Abigail Edwards

Mireya Lara - Rock Cut Elementary

"Mireya helps Rock Cut in many ways. First she is an excellent teacher and finds many way s to engage her students in learning. She always advocates for what is best for her students. In addition to that she has taken on a lot of extra responsibility to ensure that our outgoing 6th graders are made to feel honored. She organizes fundraisers for a 6th grade trip and 6th grade HoLA recognition, organizes events, and ensures that all logistics are taken care of. She goes far above and beyond in many ways. We are very fortunate to have her in our school and our district."

  • Ryan Reinecke

Rebecca Davis - Parker Center

"Rebecca worked incredibly hard to make our Beautification Committees' vision for a blacktop mural into reality. This past summer she worked with Home Depot to get all of the paint donated, coordinated volunteers, and spent many hours painting a mural on our blacktop that represents all of the different languages families at Parker Center speak. Rebecca, partnered with our ESL teacher, reached out to families to get their input on how they say hello in their language. The mural includes hello from nineteen languages, twenty when including the visual hello for our non-verbal students."

  • Erin Anderson

Natalie Bader - Harlem High School

"Natalie's dedication to her students is beyond impressive. She puts in countless hours maintaining our greenhouse so that our Horticulture students always have an effective learning environment. She also does an amazing job with our Science Olympiad team not only coaching their myriad events, but also in hosting one of the region's premier competitions. Natalie embodies Huskie Pride everyday, and we are all lucky to work with her."

  • Jeremy Bois

Stacey Shahamat - Harlem High School

"Stacey works so hard as the Adult Transition Program teacher at the High School. Stacey is continuously brainstorming and researching how to make this program the most effective for her students. Stacey has established many student-run businesses. Their most recent business was making t-shirts for the paras in specialized programs. Thank you Stacey for your dedication to this position!"

  • Shannon Rice

Janet Stuckey - Marquette

"Janet is one of the most dedicated and thoughtful staff members I have worked with. She has worked with her student who has recently developed a severe vision impairment very closely and has learned how to use braille to help modify all of his assignments in class. Janet has a an incredible attitude and her positivity is contagious."

  • Brock Morlan

Andrea Carter - Ralston Elementary

"Mrs. Carter is such a loving and caring teacher. She has taught at Ralston for many years, and still has the energy and passion of a new teacher. Mrs. Carter does so much for Ralston, including participating on our Safety Committee and our PBIS Committee, as well as tutoring students after school and being an active member of our equity work. She is beloved by students, parents and colleagues and is willing to do anything it takes to make Ralston the best elementary school around. Andrea is a true gem!"

  • Scott Rollinson

Keith Busekros - Transportation

"Keith is always willing to go above and beyond to help wherever he can. Keith is a bus driver, a coach and recently started driving the food service truck. When I told him Food Service could use the help he offered immediately. He also donated 500 cowbells to help cheer on our football team when they made it to the quarterfinals."

  • Christina Kaberg

Darryl Andrus - Transportation

"Darryl always comes to work with a great attitude. He also is a back up driver for the district and he is able to handle all of the routes with a smile and class."

  • Don West

Sherry Triplett - Windsor

"Sherry is new to Windsor this year as one of our GPAs. From day one, her desire to excel in the position was evident. She is always on time to work and eager to tackle any project. After our PD day, focused around Equity, Sherry began using the compass with students, staff, and administrators. She continuously seeks feedback and is willing to lend a helping hand to anyone. We are very appreciative of her positive attitude and work ethic. Her cheerful smile and deposition are a great addition to Windsor. We look forward to her daily "good mornings" when she pops her head into the office each day she arrives. Thank you, Sherry for being a wonderful employee."

  • Kasie Kosinski & Terese Marinelli