Parent Notifications

Parent Notifications

  • 4:170-AP1-E5 - Letter to Parents/Guardians Regarding Educational Programs about the Dangers of Underage Drinking

  • 4:170-AP-2 E-1 - Visitor Accident or Injury Form

  • 4:170-AP1-E2 - District Policies Regarding Student Safety

  • 4:190-AP2-E6 - Targeted School Violence Prevention and Threat Assessment Education

  • 5:190-E1 - Teacher Qualifications

  • 6:60-E1 - Curriculum Content

  • 6:235-E5 - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

  • 7:140-AP1-E3 - Letter to Parents/Guardians Regarding the Right to Privacy in the School Setting Act.

  • 7:180-AP1, E4 - Memo to Parents/Guardians Regarding Bulling

  • 7:185-E - Memo to Parents/Guardians Regarding Teen Dating Violence

  • 7:190-AP6 - Student Behavior

  • 7:340-AP1, E1 - Storage and Destruction of School Student Records

  • 7:345-AP - Use of Educational Technologies; Student Data Privacy and Security

  • 8:30-E1 - Letter to Parent Regarding Visits to School by Child Sex Offenders

  • 8:95-E1 - Letter Notifying Parents/Guardians of School Visitation Rights