Behavior Intervention Plan

Illinois law requires that the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) identify school districts or state authorized charter schools that utilize exclusionary disciplinary measures more often than other districts. Specifically, Section 2-3.162 of the School Code requires ISBE to determine the top 20 percent of school districts in the following metrics: 

School districts and state authorized charter schools that are identified in the top 20 percent of any of the metrics described above for three consecutive years are required to submit a plan identifying the strategies the school district will implement to reduce the use of exclusionary disciplinary practices or racial disproportionality or both, if applicable. 

The Harlem School District as cited for the number of issued suspensions. Our District Discipline Improvement Plan is below. The District was not in the top 20 percent in 2021 as result of the mitigations noted in the Discipline Improvement Plan.