The Ranger Report

The Ranger Report is a student news club for 5th and 6th graders at Rock Cut that was started by 6th grade teacher Mrs. Vanek and school librarian Miss Freehauf this spring. The first episode of the Ranger Report was published on March 22, and the students have completed an episode for each Friday of school since then. The writers work to write the script with the Pledge of Allegiance (in English and Spanish) and school creed, lunch menu, school announcements, and a special segment for each episode. The announcers, camera crew and directors get all the video footage necessary, and the editors use WeVideo to put it all together with music and transitions. All of this is done by the students with minimal guidance from teachers. The students have worked very hard to learn how to use the technology and equipment needed to produce an episode, and their skills have grown tremendously over the weeks. The students of Rock Cut look forward to watching the Ranger Report each Friday morning. Check out an episode here: