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Retirement Announcement from Dr. Julie Morris

As we bring our very unique school year to a close, I want to share my gratitude for all that you took on around educating your children over these past two months.  It has certainly been one of our biggest challenges that we have faced as a school district.  In the end, what we all achieved together in the interest of our students, your children, has truly been remarkable. 

Harlem is a fantastic place that I have been so proud to serve during my time here.  The heart of Harlem, which I noticed right away when beginning my work here in 2004, is the true sense of caring for one another.  When someone is experiencing some sort of personal or family crisis, the people in our community take charge to support that person or family in so many ways. . . for no other reason than because they care and it is the right thing to do.  

Over the next year, Harlem will be working to hire and transition a new leader as I will be retiring on June 30th, 2021.  Upon retiring in a year, I will have been a public school educator for 33 years, with 17 of those years serving the Harlem School District.  Thank you for all that you have done for your schools and for our school community as a whole.  Thank you also for working with me to continue to take our district toward new levels of greatness!  We may not have always agreed on all of the issues; however, we always maintained respect, dignity and integrity as we worked through things.  That is what I hope to leave with the Harlem School District as my legacy!

The Harlem School Board will begin the search process for my replacement in the coming weeks and will communicate that process out to you.

Harlem Huskie Strong!

Julie Morris