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Harlem School Board Earns IASB Board Governance Award

Since its inception in 2011, the Harlem School Board is the only school board in Illinois to receive the School Board Governance Award every year from the Illinois Association of School Boards.  The Harlem School Board, once again, received this recognition for 2018.  We thank our board members for their hard work and dedication to the students and staff of the Harlem School District.  

This recognition is designed to acknowledge those school boards that have engaged in activities and modeled behaviors that lead to excellence in local school governance.  The "School Board Governance Recognition" program acknowledges school boards that learn and practice effective governance behaviors as identified in IASB's Foundational Principles of Effective Governance, through participation in and support for board development programs and events. The primary focus of this program is on full board development and participation rather than individual board member efforts. Effective school boards understand that excellence in local school board governance requires full board commitment to obtaining the knowledge, skills and abilities critical to good governance.

School Board Members

From Left to Right: Heather Kelley, George Russell, Larry Barger, Melissa Wenger, Sue Berogan, and Patti Lawrence (Evelyn Meeks not pictured)