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Wanted: Positive Role Models

One of our most successful programs under our PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Systems) umbrella is our Huskie Pack Leaders program.  Parents and community leaders, typically fathers or father-like figures,  take time out of their busy schedule to volunteer and attend classes at HMS.  These great volunteers are known to our students as Huskie Pack Leaders.  Whether it’s cooking in foods class or helping with a science lab, this program benefits everyone involved.  It gives Pack Leaders a chance to participate and be a positive influence in the lives of our middle school students, and teachers greatly appreciate the help provided in the classroom. Most importantly, this program benefits our Harlem Middle School students.  They are given the chance to see a positive role model from their community.  Someone who can speak to them about the importance of education through their experience and knowledge.

We welcome positive role models who would like to be a part of our Huskie Pack Leaders program.  Please call Harlem Middle School at 815-654-4510 and speak with Mr. Lemons if interested in becoming a Pack Leader.