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Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Cake that says  "Thank You Volunteers"

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

April 5, 2019 was Maple’s second annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. The event was held to honor all of the parents, family members, and community members who give their time to Maple School. Continuing to build these relationships has been a priority over the last few years. Maple has a long-standing partnership with GPS church that has helped the school in many ways. Now we are starting to see family members and others volunteering their time as well. Invitations for volunteering go out in the Principal’s Newsletter, classroom newsletters and through social media. A Volunteer Spotlight board highlights key volunteers as well and is proudly on display outside the main office at Maple. “Our hope is that more and more people will want to get involved in our school,” said Maple principal Tammy Poole. These volunteers come into classrooms, play with students at recess, help at events and are vital to many aspects of our school community.
Maple teachers sent home invitations asking volunteers to come to Maple for a special celebratory dinner. The volunteers were able to bring their families, be served dinner, and eat dinner with Maple staff who helped at the event. Students made special placemats that adorned the tables and pasta, salad and cake were served. The event was a wonderful way to show our volunteers how much their presence is appreciated at Maple School. The plan is to continue this annual tradition. It would be great to see even more people in attendance next year as that would mean that even more family and community members are involved at Maple.

Volunteers are served dinner

Volunteers eat dinner

Volunteers in gym