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Pies for a Purpose

Pies for a Purpose

Staff takes pies to face to raise money for the United Way

      Maple teacher, Lorri Clevenger, took on the challenge of raising some extra funds for the United Way.  To help in this effort she planned the first ever “Pies for a Purpose” fundraiser. She started by asking staff members who were willing to sign up to take a pie in the face from a student.  Many staff members signed on as a “brave soul” for the fundraiser.

      Students had the opportunity to pay $1.00 to purchase a ticket.  On one side of the ticket the student wrote their name, and on the other side they wrote the name of the “brave soul” they wanted to pie in the face.

      Throughout the fundraiser, it became known that there was a clear student favorite to receive a pie to the face, Maple Custodian, Dave Trollop.  Mr. Trollop can frequently be seen in the hallways with a big smile on his face, making light of even the worst cleaning tasks, teasing staff members and playing practical jokes.

      During the assembly, Mrs. Clevenger drew a ticket to find out who got to pie Mr. Dave in the face and it was none other than Maple secretary, Bunny Stockwell.  This was a perfect scenario because Mrs. Stockwell is one of Mr. Dave’s favorite people at Maple to pick on. Now it was payback time! Mr. Dave did not disappoint… he entered the gym with a mop wig, mop slippers and his mop in hand.  The kids were going crazy.

      The second ticket that was drawn was for Maple principal Mrs. Poole.  The gym went wild when her name was read from the ticket. Who got to pie her in the face?  A Maple 6th-grade student.  The fundraiser brought in more than $150 for the United Way and it was certainly a great time for the students.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Students assemble at Fundraiser

Janitor covered with Mops for event