Facility Study Recommendations Update

  • Facility Study Recommendations Update

    On May 26th, the Harlem Board of Education voted to not approve (4-3) the facility study recommendations.  As we assess the impact on programs and finances due to the current pandemic, we will revisit the discussion around facility utilization in the future.  We will keep you updated.  

Facility Study Recommendations Update

  • Facility Study Recommendations Update

    On May 26th, the Harlem Board of Education will bring back the Facility Utilization Study Recommendations for consideration.  In February, the Board asked Dr. Morris and District leadership to provide more information regarding the proposed recommendation to move 6th graders to Harlem Middle School. The Board will consider this along with the remaining items brought forth in the original proposal.  

    The Harlem Board of Education meeting can be viewed live on the Harlem Communications YouTube Channel.  More information, including the agenda, can be found at www.harlem122.org.

March 9th School Board Update

  • Facility Study Recommendations Update

    On March 9th, 2020, Dr. Morris asked the Board of Education to approve the Facility Utilization Study Recommendations that were presented at the last board meeting on February 24th, 2020.  The Board requested that additional information be provided before they vote on the proposed recommendations. District administration will gather the requested information and address the recommendations at a Harlem School Board meeting in late April or May.    

    The Board did decide to vote separately on one of the recommendations for the 2020-2021 school year.  They approved the leasing of the Hoffman Campus (formally the 9th-Grade Campus) to the Regional Office of Education (ROE).

February 24th School Board Update

  • Facility Utilization Study and Recommendations

    On February 24th, Dr. Julie Morris presented recommendations to the Harlem Board of Education related to the future utilization of District facilities.  Since 2008, the District's enrollment has decreased from 7,598 students to 6,065. The decline was consistent with the results of a 10-year enrollment study completed in 2008.  In 2017, the District completed another 10-year enrollment study which projects the enrollment of the District to be approximately 5,373 by 2027. Based on this projection, the Board hired Wold Architects to conduct a facility utilization study.  

    Following the presentation of the study, Dr. Morris, Wold Architects, and District leaders began developing recommendations related to the future utilization of District facilities.  The criteria for decision making included:

    • Building use transitions should optimize education opportunities for students.
    • There is value to the schools that can adapt to future educational demands.
    • The District should maximize its building use efficiency and operational funds.
    • Elementary schools should be located near the students they serve.

    Below are the recommendations that were presented to the Board of Education on February 24th, 2020.  To read the full study and recommendation, click here.  Dr. Morris will be asking for approval of these recommendations at the March 9th School Board meeting.  

    Recommendation #1

    Relocate 6th-grade students from the elementary schools to Harlem Middle School (2021-2022)

    Recommendation #2

    Discontinue Marquette as an elementary attendance center and relocate students to Machesney Elementary (2021-2022)

    Recommendation #3

    Adjust elementary school boundaries to maximize building utilization (2021-2022)

    Recommendation #4

    Relocate Fine Arts Academy to Ralston Elementary and realign English as a Second Language programming (2021-2022 with 4th-grade phase-in for Fine Arts in 2020-2021)

    Recommendation #5

    Repurpose Marquette elementary as a District employee health clinic, professional development meeting center and early childhood screening and parent meeting space (2021-2022)

    Recommendation #6

    Accommodate the High School Career and Technical Education program with a building addition at Harlem High School (2023-2024)

    Recommendation #7

    Accommodate separate cafeteria and gymnasium spaces at elementary schools with the future addition of gymnasiums (TBD)

    Recommendation #8

    Lease the Hoffman Campus to the Regional Office of Education (2020-2021)


    To learn more about the facility utilization study and these recommendations, click here