• Windsor School Community Council (SCC)


    What is an SCC?

    School Community Councils are: A group of people who help to advise the principal on matters that affect student achievement and school improvement. Their primary role is to participate in the process that ensures that the needs of all students are addressed in the school's Academic Plan.


    Isn’t that just fundraising??

    We do some fundraising, however the purpose of the SCC is to advise the principal and staff. You are the experts about your children. Help us make Windsor a more dynamic learning environment.


    But I am not a teacher. How can I help?

    Parents input is needed to help make connections between home and school. Studies show that when parents are involved in their children’s school, children thrive.

    Join us if you would like to help us in making decisions that impact your child’s learning.



    Aug. 30th

    Sept. 20th

    Oct. 25th

    Nov. 29th

    Dec. 13th

    Jan. 24th

    Feb. 21st

    March 21st

    April 25th

    May 2nd


    All meetings are from 2:45- 3:45. We hope to see you there.

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