Harlem School District Long-Range Plan


     Harlem LongRange

    The Mission of the Harlem
    Consolidated School District, as a vital part of the community, is to help diverse learners realize their
    unlimited potential by providing an educational program dedicated to academic excellence and the
    development of strong character in a safe and respectful learning environment.

    We believe each individual has
    unlimited potential to reach his
    or her goals and ambitions.

    We believe that every student has an
    equal right to a quality education
    that builds on his or her individual
    strengths and needs.

    We believe in interrupting
    inequities within our system which
    prevent students from realizing
    their unlimited potential.

    We believe in fostering individual
    academic, social and character
    growth and development
    of the learner.

    We believe the Harlem Consolidated
    School District, its families, and the
    Community as a whole, are equally
    vital partners in the pursuit of
    lifelong learning.

    We believe every person has the
    right to learn and work in a safe,
    non-threatening environment.

    We believe in effective and
    responsible use of our resources.