The corporate name of this School District shall be "Board of Education of School District No. 122, County of Winnebago and State of Illinois" as provided by law, commonly known as the Harlem Consolidated School District.

    The School Board is constituted as a group and has authority only as a group in regularly scheduled sessions. The members of the School Board as individuals are citizens only. The control over the school by the School Board is not by individual members, but through votes whereby rules, regulations, and policies are adopted, enforced, and decisions completed.

    The School District strives to maintain the accreditation of the Harlem Schools by the Illinois State Board of Education. In addition, the high school maintains accreditation with the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.
    Regular meetings of the Board of Education, District Policy Committee, District Business Services Committee, District Education Committee and Public Relations Ad-Hoc Committee are held in the Board of Education Building at 8605 North Second Street in said District.  All meeting dates are posted on the District Calendar; agendas are added 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.

Contact the School Board

  • To contact all members of the School Board by email, please use boardofeducation@harlem122.org.  To contact individual School Board members, please use the links below their pictures.

School Board Members