Employee of the Quarter

Don West


"Don is just awesome and never says no to anything I ask for him to do to get kids to all of their placements."

  • Heidi Lange

Troy King

Harlem High School

"Troy takes tremendous pride in his work. He is very hard working and ensures that our students and staff always have a safe and clean space for work and learning. He is always ready to help any colleague, and he exemplifies Harlem Pride everyday."

  • Jeremy Bois

Amber Simmons


"Goes above and beyond for all staff and students. An amazing food service manager!"

  • Brock Morlan

Michelle VanWambeke


"Michelle is one of the most caring and flexible teachers I work with. Michelle will go above and beyond to make sure that all of her students are receiving what they need. In the world of special education, flexibility is key and there is never a situation that Michelle is not willing to tackle. The connections she makes with the students and their families is incredible. Michelle's commitment to her students is seen on a daily basis which is why I feel Michelle truly deserves this quick kudos even though she is not one that enjoys having all of the attention on her."

  • Shannon Rice

Lindsay Njos


"Lindsay Njos is the TSS specialist for Maple. She is simply amazing and goes above and beyond in all areas. She is passionate about helping students and teachers. If she has an extra 15 minutes in her schedule she will email the teachers asking if they have any students who could use extra help on sight words or fact fluency. Lindsay is a member of our SIP team and she frequently presents on a variety of topics to the staff at faculty meetings and SIP days. Lindsay constantly has new ideas to share with the staff. She loves Kagan and works with all staff members on student engagement and models structures in classrooms. She is always starting a project for us. Most of all, Lindsay is one of the most positive people you will ever meet. She always has a smile on her face! She is a blessing to the Maple teachers, the Maple students and to me."

  • Tammy Poole

Meghan Hembrough

Parker Center

"Meghan has worked incredibly hard to build a World Languages section in the Parker Center Learning Center. This section features books from six different languages, including Spanish, Russian, Albanian, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Serbian - including Serbian Cyrillic. Having materials in each of these languages helps students feel connected to the materials they see at school. When one student learned that we have books written in Arabic he was thrilled that we had books from his "talking at home." Each week this student continues to check out one book in English and one book in Arabic. Thank you to Meghan for creating such an inclusive library and working to help all of the Parker Pup friends feel seen at school."

  • Erin Anderson

Tami Lopata

Rock Cut

"She's reached out for support, been willing to collaborate, tried out new ideas, generally is patient and positive. Tami is exemplifying what we are striving for at Rock Cut and that is that we are all here to support each other and when we work together we can accomplish great things!"

  • Ryan Reinecke

Matthew Lerch

Property Services

"Matt has gone above and beyond helping maintain the District Grounds. Matt has worked several OT hours in the past month to help keep up on the mowing."

  • Mike Chandler

Susan Pfeifer


"Susan Pfeifer is an amazing teacher! This year, her teaching partner of many years took a different position in the building and Susan received two new teaching partners. She has been a wealth of information and a wonderful resource to them, neither of who has taught 1st grade before. Susan is also a leader on our staff. She is an active member of our PBIS Committee, our Sunshine Committee, our Fun Squad, and has volunteered to help in getting a kindness club and student council up and running at Ralston. Mrs. Pfeifer goes above and beyond every day to help the children of Ralston learn and grow!"

  • Scott Rollinson

Michael Stanley

Harlem Administration Office

"Regardless of the task, Mr. Stanley always accepts the challenge and produces phenomenal results! His can do attitude is contagious and I am proud of his commitment to recognizing staff and students of our district."

  • Dr. Terrell Yarbrough

Jenice Beckius


"Jenice is a great employee for several reasons. She is thorough, conscientious, a problem solver, thinks quickly and calmly during busy situations, and takes initiative. Her role as principal secretary is filled with many duties and tasks that others do not realize. Many times throughout the year she is the only secretary in the office and she handles both position with confidence and a great attitude. If we do not know an answer to something, Jenice is the first one to call and figure it out for us. Jenice is helpful to all employees and willing to go above and beyond to make sure the days at Windsor run as smooth as possible. Without Jenice, I would not survive the days :) Thank you, Jenice for being a wonderful teammate. You are very much appreciated. "

  • Kasie Kosinski