Employee of the Quarter

May 2021

Shannon Rice

"She has been amazing to work with. She is always willing to help out and goes above and beyond."

  • Heidi Lange

Jen Wagner

"I would like to acknowledge Jenn Wagner for all the work she has done to help this department during this wacky school year. Jenn drove the food/satellite truck with me 30 plus times this year. Rain, wind, snow, and a little bit of sunshine, she was there with me, helping kids get their meals, and usually helping me stay sane. In addition to helping district parents with their EBT cards and benefits. Something she could have easily brushed off because it's not part of our program, she stepped in to help parents understand the program from the state and who to contact."

  • Jill Mosher

Stephanie Ghinazzi-Ritter

"Stephanie goes above and beyond for everyone at Ralston. She works through every issue that comes her way with a smile and grace. Ralston is so thankful to have Stephanie. She's wonderful"

  • Christy Brown

Brian Johnson

"Brian is definitely a person we can count on to resolve almost ANY maintenance issues. Whether it is electrical, plumbing, mechanical, structural, Brian will almost always find a way to repair, replace, or band aid any problem to keep our staff and student's safe, comfortable, and happy. In my opinion, this department would struggle greatly if he were not here."

  • Jeff Schoonmaker

Paula Howard

" I would nominate Paula Howard, she has been learning her job during the pandemic, so the number of route changes and student changes we have had this year has been off the hook"

  • Donald West

Kim Honzel

"Kim is amazing for our staff and students. "Ms. Kim" is a major part of the glue that holds our Marquette family together. She is a great person who is always willing to help other each day. Thank you Kim!"

  • Brock Morlan

Ginger Thompson

"Ginger has worked diligently to ensure that the counseling office had the information needed to support our students both academically and behaviorally. I am proud of her leadership and passion for the success of our high school community"

  • Terrell Yarbrough

Angela Malavolti

"Angela has done a phenomenal job for her students this year. She focuses on building trusting relationships which builds a foundation on which she builds everything else. She has a few students who are reluctant learners and yet she has pushed them try things that they have never tried before and they are feeling more confident. She also uses her creativity to find ways to engage her students. A specific example stands out in which she led her students to create a Coyote Awareness Program. The students did research and created an informational campaign that included posters and a news segment focused on educating people about what to do if they encounter a coyote. The campaign was a big success within the school as many students were asking questions. It also gained the attention of our local police chief, who came out to address the class, and two local TV stations and our local newspaper, who all came out to cover the police chiefs talk with the class. While this was a big event, Angela works to engage her students daily."

  • Ryan Reinecke

Joni Vormezeele

"Joni has done a great job adapting to a variety of challenges as her first year being a school nurse. She is kind and patient with the students and families."

  • Erin Anderson

Renee Plummer

"Renee Plummer is an EC para at Maple and she is amazing. She is constantly engaged with the students in the classroom and assisting them and the teacher in all manners. You will never see her sitting still. Renee has a very strong work ethic and gives 100% to her job. She can always be counted on to assist and help in any way possible. She is such an asset to the EC program and to Maple School."

  • Tammy Poole

Diana Disch

"Diana is one of the most positive and hardest working employees I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty this year in so many ways. From helping organize a vaccination clinic for more that 800 of our employees, to helping everyone manage their stress, Diana has done it all this year. She is truly wonderful at what she does and Harlem is lucky to have her!"

  • Scott Rollinson