Instructional Technology

Emily Breakfield

Technology has always been at the heart of my teaching. I have meaningfully used it to reach all of my learners. Now, I am able to, with this position, help our district meet our instructional goals of integrating technology to improve instruction for all learners.


Twitter: @H122CNoble

Phone: 815-654-4500

Chris Noble

I've engaged in meaningful technology integration since my teaching career began in 2007. My goal is to support our district's mission by focusing in on working with teachers to grow our collective ability to impactfully use technology.


Twitter: @H122CNoble

Phone: 815-654-4500 ext: 1033

“What is an Instructional Technology Specialist?”

We work with stakeholders at all buildings, levels, and departments to actively support the District’s mission of a safe, challenging, and engaging learning environment, especially as it relates to successful integration of technology for student learning. It is our joy and our job to work with you in all of the following ways:

  • Work directly with teachers to provide classroom support related to technology integration for learning and student engagement

  • Model effective, research-based instructional approaches utilizing technology for differentiated learning

  • Provide professional development

  • Build understanding of technology integration best practices

  • Help teachers align curriculum with ISTE technology standards

  • Help teachers align use of technology with the Danielson model

  • Provide insight into your teaching based on observations

  • Provide insight into useful digital tools for learning and assessment

A friendly note:

Although “technology” is in the job title, the focus and capacity is on instructional practices, and there are things for which the IT department must be contacted instead of the instructional technology specialists. Please find below a list of common issues that should be handled by our IT team through a tech-request on Harlem Connect:

  • login issues, broken hardware, slow network, slow/glitchy computer, software requests, site unblockings installing software, and other things of this nature.

Feel free to send the IT team a kind thank you when your issue has been resolved. They do a great job at keeping things running day after day!