• Emotional Intelligence

    Presenter: Jan Selander, Licensed Clinical Therapist

    When your child is experiencing strong emotions: 

    • try to avoid sending them off in isolation.
    • STOP what you are doing!  
    • Be FULLY present to the child.
    • Speak SLOWLY and SOFTLY.
    • SAY: “You matter to me! What are you feeling?”  
    • Help them to identify their emotions by learning about emotional intelligence!

    Emotional Intelligence 2.0 (Bradberry, Greaves, Lencioni)

    Emotional Intelligence Ted Talks

  • We're Goin' On a Bear Hunt!

    Read to your child daily!  Whenever possible, bring the story to life!  

    Here is a fun obstacle course we created to bring "We're Going On a Bear Hunt"  to life for our EC students for our Literacy Night!