• The move from Elementary to Middle School stirs up many emotions for young adolescents, ranging from anticipation and excitement to anxiety and fear.  It is normal for students to have many concerns related to the social, procedural, and academic changes that come with the transition.  Many concerns will diminish during the first weeks of school, while some concerns can last longer. 

    Social Changes

    • Social changes center on peer and teacher relationships, in addition to extra curricular involvement.
    • Students are concerned about keeping their Elementary School friends, making new friends, and developing positive relationships with their teachers.

    Procedural Changes

    • The focus of procedural changes is on the daily schedule, rules, and procedures that Middle School students are expected to follow.
    • Some procedural concerns include finding their classes and other important areas in the school, following the bell schedule, learning lunchtime procedures, opening their lockers, finding their bus, and following school policies.

     Academic Changes

    Academic changes focus on the quality and quantity of school work and academic expectations that are placed on students at the Middle School level.

    • Research suggests that many incoming Middle School students are not fully prepared for the quantity of school work.

    Some students struggle to meet the academic expectations set by their Middle School teachers and are not used to taking responsibility for their academic success

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