• Battle of the Books Basics

    • All 4th, 5th, & 6th grade Ralston students are eligible to participate.
    • Battle of the Books is completely voluntarily.
    • If a student volunteers to participate he/she is committing to...

    Þ Read at least 7 books on the list provided (it is not necessary to read all 20)

    Þ Attend Battle Club meetings once a month, after school

    Þ Participate in discussions

    Þ Work with team members     

    • Battle Club students will form teams of 3-5
    • Battle Club teams will compete against each other by answering questions about the books on the list
    • The highest-scoring teams will compete in a final battle for the Ralston championship in the spring 
    • The Ralston championship team will battle the championship teams from other Harlem Elementary schools 
    • Battle of the Books titles are available in the Ralston Learning Center and the North Suburban Library

    Join the fun, and read some great books!

    Mrs. Schmidt—beth.schmidt@harlem122.org