• We are recruiting new I READ volunteers for Fall of 2016!

    Youth need support during their early-grade years to ensure success in high school and beyond.

    Through this early-grade reading program, United Way I READ matches volunteer reading mentors with kindergarten students. Our goal is not only to build a love of reading but to expand a child's vocabulary and conversational skills.

    Volunteers mentor one to two students each week during the school day and are encouraged to remain with their students through 3rd grade.

    Program Reach

    • volunteer reading mentors are matched with students who will most benefit from the one-on-one time with an adult volunteer.

    • reading mentors may volunteer with one or two students weekly for 20-30 minutes each during the school day in the classroom or other designated areas within the school

    • each year new volunteers are recruited, trained, and matched with incoming kindergarten students


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