• Hola

    Harlem Language Academy

    What is HoLA?
    HoLA is a program that develops students’ ability to read, write, speak, and understand in both English and Spanish.

    Who can participate in HoLA?
    Students who speak Spanish and are English Language Learners.  
    Students who want to be fluent in English and Spanish.

    How much of the school day is spent in each language?

    School Day Language Allocation

    How well do English dominant students perform in this type of program?
    In well-implemented programs, both native English speakers and native speakers of the partner language tend to do as well or better in English, the partner language, and tests of academic achievement than their peers in other educational programs.

    Will my student progress at the same rate as their peers in English only classrooms?
    Yes.  It is the same curriculum delivered at the same pace, just in a different language.

    How do I support my English dominant student with their Spanish assignments?
    Instructions for assignments will be available in both English and Spanish.

    How well do Spanish dominant students perform in this type of program?

    HoLA Student Performance

    Where is this program offered?
    At Parker Center and Rock Cut School.

    Will transportation be provided?