Student Resources

  • Here you'll find a number of topics and links to resources that will help you study more effectively and improve academically.

    The power of digital media.

    This very complete site has topics including study preparation, taking notes in lectures, effective study habits, testing techniques, writing and reading skills.
    This site features a flash cards approach for many different academic areas including foreign language, math, science, math, geography and history.
    Tips on listening in class, college prep schedules, how to be a good student, learning styles, note taking, systematic reading, forming a study group, motivation for college, time management, effective studying, math fear, beating the stress, test anxiety, nervousness, and test taking techniques

    Courtesy of Virginia Tech, here is a great listing of tips and techniques for improving your study skills. Everything from note taking to how to stop procrastinating.
    This site has links to other study skills pages, twenty time savers, how to make a schedule, studying foreign languages, and studying with intensity.
    Study Strategies site from the University of Minnesota contains a study skills survey, information about time management, memorization, learning styles, and study techniques. 

    Twenty specific suggestions to help students cope with a phobia that prevents them from demonstrating what they know.