• Credit Recovery

    The Credit Recovery program is designed to give self-motivated high school students an opportunity to recover credit from a previously failed course, enabling them to get back on track and graduate with their peers. Courses used for credit recovery are delivered to the students through online instruction. To recover credit, students are responsible for completing all lessons and tests within each module at the designated mastery level set for that course, as well as completing the designated seat hours.

    Edgenuity is a standards-based online learning program grounded in a tradition of solid research, sound pedagogy, and applied innovation. 

    Effective Online Courses to Achieve Real Results

    • Rigorous courses, proven to improve student achievement
    • Interactive, media-rich content actively engages students
    • Robust flexibility allows you to customize courseware to meet your unique needs
    • Aligned to Common Core and state standards
    • Award-winning courseware proven by third-party research and studies
    • High-quality content for original credit, supplemental learning, credit recovery, unit recovery and extended learning