• Healthy Huskie 2016-2017 school year- Monique Johnson

    This year I am proud to announce the Healthy Huskie Award goes to Monique Johnson, teacher at Harlem Middle School.  She demonstrates a positive and vibrant approach to a healthy living lifestyle.  Fellow staff have stated she supports others and their inner struggles and that support helps them overcome many obstacles.  She has made some amazing improvements in overall fitness and nutrition~eating healthy and getting up early to get in workouts.  She is an inspiration to others and her hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed.  

    In November 2016, she was invited to take part in a Christmas Cash Challenge.  Throw $20 in the kitty and those that lost the greatest percentage of weight or inches in 30 days would split the kitty.  Well, being right before Christmas and having twins in college, she was looking for some cash.  So every morning she would get up at 4 am and walk on the treadmill.  She did not "diet", instead she made better food choices.  At the end of the challenge she had lost 10 pounds and a total of 20 inches.  She was one of the winners.  Monique shared with me that this challenge was offered by a Team BeachBody coach, Wendy.  Wendy then invited her to continue on her transformation by possibly using my winnings toward the purchase of the BeachBody All Access on Demand, which streams all the BeachBody workouts (P90X, Clze, 21 DayFix, etc).  Beginning in January 2017, she was working out 5 to 6 times per week doing BeachBody workouts of 21 Day Fix and Country Heat.  She participated in online challenge groups where she found fitness and nutrition support, motivation, and accountability.  She continued to lose weight and inches.  When March rolled around, Wendy and several other BeachBody coaches invited me to become a Team BeachBody coach.  At the same time, she began drinking Shakeology.  Through becoming more active and making better food choices she has lost 40 pounds, gained energy and has a positive outlook!

    When asked about her advice to other employees, Monique says, "DECIDE, COMMIT, SUCCEED.  Success comes from doing small simple things, CONSISTENTLY.  Choosing the healthier choice of food, get moving instead of sitting on the sofa.  it is often heard that making a lifestyle change is more lasting, I have to agree!".  

    Wellness Champion 2016-2017 school year: Breane Cory

    This year I am proud to announce the Wellness Champion Award goes to Breane Cory, teacher at Windsor Elementary.  She has helped to create a after school program (Windsor Well Wasps) for students to participate in to learn ways to become healthier (exercise and nutrition).  She shares healthy food choices and a variety of exercises with the students to help them feel good about themselves.  She shares a meme each week with all of them in the group that helps motivate them all.  She is our biggest cheerleader.  

    Breane shared that her biggest challenge is balancing family, work, and fitness.  

    When asked about her advice for others, Breane says, "Do what you can when you can.  Get creative like doing cardio laundry or bench pressing (your own) small children!".

Annual Wellness Awards: Healthy Huskie & Wellness Champion

  • Each year the Harlem School District's Wellness Program recognizes individuals for their hard work and dedication to being well.  The annual wellness awards include the Healthy Huskie Award which recognizes the individual who has made the biggest change in their own personal life or is the model of health and wellness.  The annual wellness awards also include the Wellness Champion Award which recognizes the individual(s) that make the biggest impact in the lives of others.  Individuals are nominated by their co-workers, then nominees stories are voted on by the Wellness Committee to narrow down to a selection of individuals for each award, and then Harlem School District employees select the winner.  The annual wellness awards recipients are given a certificate, a write up on the wellness website, and a $200 Amazon Gift Card.

  • 2015-2016 Wellness Champion~Lisa Boelkes

    2015-2016 Healthy Huskie~Tim Olvera